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Systemic Work & Conscious Connected Breathwork



Adem Verlicht! is my meeting point & happy place  for
conscious connected breathwork and systemic coaching.

Ever since 2010, I have been training in and practising
this form of breathwork and it has become an integral part of
my life and self care practice. I am inspired by the miracle of the breath
and love sharing it with others.

Systemic coaching (family constellations) is the other pillar of my work.
It is a perfect method for
looking at your life and the blockages you may experience,
within the context of the system you are part of.  Systemic coaching can be enjoyed independently, or In combination with breathwork, thus becoming a powerful tool for transformation and integration.

On my blog and in the menu you can find a variety of information on all of the above as well as quotes, stories and articles that inspire me and hopefully you, too!

Enjoy your visit and make yourself at home. I look forward to meeting you!




October 31 till November 3, 2024

At Amatisse, Helenaveen, de Peel.
Breathwork, Systemic Work & Yoga


"Rest & Retreat"


Next Sessions

Thursday June 27, 2024 - The Hague
Friday, July 26, 2024 - The Hague

Breathwork Group Session The Hague
Time: from 7.15 pm till 9.30 pm.

Location: Remonstrantse Kerk, The Hague
Price: 50 Euro per person


Our Services

Inspirational Breathwork

We breathe from the moment we are born until our soul leaves the body. Breathing is Life; the combination of oxygen and CO2 is essential for our body and mind to function.

Breathing is one of the few processes we can do both consciously and unconsciously. However, most of the time, we breathe without thinking about it. When we do focus our attention on it, we may notice that sometimes we can breathe more easily and effectively than at other times.

In addition to being an essential bodily function, breath has been used for centuries for expanding consciousness and spiritual experiences. A Conscious Connected Breathwork session is an excellent and safe method to improve our own breathing and support healing processes on physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual levels.

In case of physical complaints, whether related to breathing or not, always consult a medical doctor first. A breath session is not a substitute for regular medical treatment.

Lichte Veren

Meditation is not so much something you have to learn, but rather something you do. Or, more precisely, meditation is something you don't do. It is being silent and observing what is without interpreting what presents itself. Meditation is the ability to be present with yourself and your thoughts without expecting anything to happen, without expecting any change.

This may sound somewhat contradictory because, often, we seek change. Instead of too much busyness, too many thoughts, and a mind that is always 'on,' we desire peace. In meditation, we can learn to find that peace.

If you want to start meditating, it can be helpful to be guided during your initial sessions. In one introductory session, or a series of three or five sessions, I would be happy to share my own experiences with you, talk about different meditation techniques, and guide you through some guided meditations. For more information and rates, click below.

Systemic Work

Een familie

It is inherent to us humans to both desire that everything remains as it is and to wish for change. The old is what we know and feels safe. However, over time, the old may no longer entirely suit us. We experience discomfort. Sometimes we know the reason, but other times we don't. In both cases, it can be helpful to examine our discomfort and the underlying causes in a systemic session (also known as a family constellation).

In the session, we place what we perceive as a problem in the context of the system to which we belong. Often, this is our family, but it can be another system as well.

Systemic coaching is an excellent way to relatively quickly get to the core of what is causing tension in our lives.

An individual session can be conducted one-on-one, either online or in person in my practice or on location.

Wish to book a session?

Playlist '100 breaths of joy'

Four tracks for your daily dose of breathwork

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What others experienced..

"Enormously warm & loving presence of Annemieke. Re-minding & returning to myself, my body and raw & sincere feelings. Every time into a deeper layer; becoming more part of who I am."


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