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Nice to meet you..

Annemieke Borrias

After a study in Hotel Management, some traveling and a career in Incoming Tourism, 

I followed my heart and landed in Istanbul at the start of the new millennium,
in January 2001.


Several years later I arrived at a crossroads in my life and had an epiphany; 

I clearly knew that the time had come to turn my hobby into a profession and I started
working as a children and family portrait photographer.
(If you are curious about my work, please click here )

My second epiphany came when one day I looked out of the window of the studio I
had at that time and understood that realizing my dream was nice and gratifying,
but that I still had not found the peace of mind I was looking for.

With the help of a friend I began practicing Conscious Breathwork and slowly but
surely I started looking at life differently.  While immersing myself in this process,
I became a facilitator in 2010.

Again a few years later, my friends in breathwork introduced me to family constellations and this proved to be the missing link in my quest for peace and clarity. After first experiencing the healing power of systemic work  for myself, I started training as a facilitator in 2017. 

After many years abroad, I moved back to The Netherlands in the summer of 2017. This move turned out to be a huge transition in my personal life, in more ways than one. Fortunately, I had my experiences with family constellations to fall back on and this has greatly helped me in this process. 

Whether we are helping others, or receiving help ourselves, I am a strong believer that we all benefit equally; we always learn from each other.

I am very grateful for my teachers and friends and my beautiful daughter,  who have all inspired and helped me so much, with patience, sense of humor and ruthless compassion when it was needed.

Love & Light,


Nathalie Gerards

Nathalie has been a passionate yoga teacher for many years, with her own practice in
The Hague, where she facilitates various forms of yoga, conscious connected
breathwork and massages. This is her website: : https://namaya-yoga.nl

Nathalie has written & edited  the manual for the Inspirational Breathwork Facilitator
Training. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience thus helping others
become confident and compassionate facilitators.

Ever since we started working together in 2017 we have been a great team. 

We complement each other in our personalities, our skills and experience.

Together it is our highest aim to create a safe and optimum space where
our participants can fully
dedicate themselves to their processes. 

'There are no teachers and no students. We all sit in the circle together.'
Joost Maijvis (Trainer Inspirational Breathwork)

Education & Trainings



* Inspirational Breath Work Institute - Joost Maijvis - Qualified Breath Facilitator (Istanbul, 2010)

* Mood Massage Institute - Rolf van Deursen -Classical Massage (Amersfoort, NL 2018)

* Mood Massage Institute - Rolf van Deursen - Headache Massage (Amersfoort, NL 2018)
* Oerademen - Certificate Healthy & Natural Breathing (Arnhem, NL 2022)

Systemic Work

* Family Constellations Training, Part  1, - Svagito Liebermeister (Istanbul 2014)

* Intensive Training Workshop Family Constellations - Stephan Hausner (Barcelona, 2015)

* Institute for Systemic Work - Family Constellations Facilitator - Elmer Hendrix (Dieren NL, 2017)

* Institute for Systemic Work - Organisation Constellations Facilitator - Elmer Hendrix (Dieren NL, 2018)

* Institute for Systemic Work - Life Integration Process - Elmer Hendrix (Dieren NL, 2018)

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