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100 breaths of joy

This is a great daily routine to help you keeping your breath open and creating an energetic and optimistic start to your day.

The whole exercise will take maximum 20 minutes, unless you decide to linger a bit afterwards and enjoy your newly found relaxed state of mind (and body!).

Ideally this is done to music. You can use my playlist on spotify, or you can make your own by choosing one track for dancing, one for breathing and one for calming down/meditation.

During the first track you just dance.... anyway you like. Dance like nobody is watching and probably nobody is.... let your body move the way it wants to move. You are not in the disco, no need for groovy moves... just follow your body and the music. And.. don't forget to breathe! Not yet in a connected way, but take nice big breaths and exhale in a relaxed manner. If you are slightly out of breath towards the end of the song, that's where you want to go...

Now you are ready for the next phase. Sit down in a relaxed manner, on the floor, or on your bed, with a pillow supporting your back. You lean back slightly, into the pillow, so that your belly is relaxed and there is plenty of room to breathe. Legs up, feet on the floor, one hand on your belly and the other one on your diaphragm.

Start breathing, from your mouth, in a connected way, which means no pause before the inhale or the exhale. With every breath, both your hands are moving up on the inhale and down on the exhale. Your exhale is relaxed, which means there is no effort involved in letting go of that air!

After a little while, you may feel some tingling, and maybe you are a little light headed. When you feel the need, you can make a sound, preferably the A sound (AAAAAHHHHH), and kick and pound a bit with your hands and feet on the floor.

When the third song starts playing, you can relax completely. Breathe in your own way, keep your eyes closed and listen to the music. This is the truly relaxing, and magical, stage. If you notice your mind is drifting, just bring your attention back to your breath. Breathing in.... breathing out..... right now, nothing else in the world matters. It is just you, sitting there, breathing in... and breathing out..

After the music stops, you can stay there a bit enjoying the silence, observing yourself as you are sitting there.. Then, when you feel ready, bring your attention back to the room, to your body and on your next inhale, you open your eyes. Now you are ready to start your day!


  • this exercise can be done in the evening also, if that's your preference.

  • this exercise should never be done while you are in the water (bathtub, pool, etc)

  • if you don't feel well at any time during the exercise, stop immediately and return to your normal breathing pattern. (with pauses before the inhale and the exhale).

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