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1-day retreat on Friday March 1, with family constellations & breathwork

This program is offered in both English and Dutch, with translation available upon request.

If you've always been curious about family constellations (systemic work) and/or breathwork, then this program is for you. Our venue for the day is a cosy cabin surrounded by lush greenery in Kortenhoef, approximately 5 kilometers from the heart of Hilversum. Following a warm welcome, our journey commences with an introduction to systemic work (family constellations), accompanied by engaging exercises suitable for all participants. We then delve into constellations for those seeking to explore specific issues and we finish this part of the programme with a guided meditation.

At 6 PM, we pause for dinner (participants are kindly asked to bring their own food).

Following dinner, around 7 PM, we continue with a group session of Conscious Connected Breathwork. First we explain what this kind of breathwork entails and what you may expect during the session. A guided meditation follows, focusing on setting positive intentions for our evening's work.

The main session begins soon after, lasting approximately an hour, during which you'll engage in conscious and connected breathing, facilitating expansion and healing across physical, mental, and spiritual realms. Experienced facilitators will be by your side to support and guide you through the process. To ensure a safe environment for all, we maintain a ratio of one facilitator per every 4 or 5 participants.

Post-session, there will be time for a comforting cup of tea and some sharing of experiences for those who wish to do so.

Previous participants have described our group sessions as deeply transformative, often touching upon and shifting essential aspects. As the evening draws to a close, you'll depart with a smile on your face, an open breath and a lightness of heart.

You can choose to enroll in the entire program, or opt for either the afternoon (family constellations) or evening (breathwork).

Date, time & fee; Friday March 1 from 2 PM till 9.30 PM. Whole day programme: 110 Euro PP

Only the family constellations workshop: from 2 PM till 6 PM

Price: 65 Euro pp

Only the breathwork session: from 7 PM till 9.30 PM Price: 45 Euro pp


'Yoga in de Tuin' Emmaweg 86 in Kortenhoef.

For information

Please send an email to Annemieke at ademverlicht@gmail.com


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