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Conscious Connected Breathwork

The sesson


Breathing is one of the processes in our body that we can do both consciously and unconsciously.

Most of the time however, we breathe without thinking much about it.

If you take a moment to observe your own breath, you will notice that sometimes you breathe in deep
and sometimes you don't.

Sometimes you don't breathe for a long time and then all of a sudden you take a huge gasp.
Every one of us has his or her own unique breathing pattern, very much like we all have our own unique fingerprints.

Our breathing does not stay constant, but changes in line with our changing circumstances.

Babies and young children generally have a beautiful breath; a regular inhale that employs the whole respiratory system (belly, chest and diaphragm) and a relaxed exhale.
However, when we grow up and go through the lessons of life, our breathing pattern changes with us.


While experiencing trauma's, stress and pain we tend to limit our breath in an attempt not to feel them.
That is our body's way of protecting us from feelings that are too overwhelming at that particular time.

However, when the traumatic event has passed the change in our breathing pattern may stay, even when we are out of the danger zone. The trauma's we have experienced in life are deeply buried in our cells. They may re-surface at a later poin, however and start interfering with our wish to live a peaceful life.


When we don't breathe in fully for a longer period of time, we deprive our bodies of the oxygen that is needed to function in an optimum way. Tiredness, a feeling of unease, even disease can be the consequence.

Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions can help restoring your breathing pattern to its original and glorious form and thus heal yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

What happens in a breathwork session?

When you first start practising conscious connected breathwork, it is always in a guided session, with a facilitator.
She is there to hold a safe space, she explains how to do the breathing and what you may expect.


During the session you lie down on a mat, with your eyes closed. Usually music is played and the facilitator stays by your side.

You then start breathing in fully, from your belly and diaphragm. There is no pause before the inhale or exhale, your breathe is a continuous circle. Your exhale is as relaxed as is possible for you at that time.

After breathing like this for a while, your body may start to feel tingly and you arrive in a different state of being, or space, so to speak. In this particular state feelings and emotions that are buried within your system can come to the surface. Sometimes you are consciously aware of these feelings, you know what they are. Other times you don't.. Either way, it does not matter, because your higher wisdom (or subconscious self) knows what they are.
When this happens the facilitator will guide you through this process, gently encouraging you to keep breathing while you process and integrate the experiences that present themselves.


The last part of the session is the meditative part. You are invited to completely relax your breath, let go and enjoy the moment as it is. As you have just been intensely breathing for almost 45 minutes, this comes relatively easy and is yours to enjoy.

When you breathe in fully and relax your exhale completely,
you come home in your own body, to yourself.
It is pure bliss.


When the session is over, there is some time for exchange of experiences. Usually it is best to take it easy for the rest of the day and drink plenty of fluids. Your mind and body have gone through a detox experience, in more ways than one!

Breathwork sessions can be done individually or in a group setting. Once you have done a few individual sessions you may want to try out breathwork in a group setting. Occassionally, we also organize weekend workshops for those who wish to delve deeper into the relationship with their own breath. Please check the agenda for dates.



- Workshop group session, duration approx. 2,5 hours, 50 Euro pp
- Individual (private) session, incl. coaching, approx. 2 hours, 9
5 Euro pp


There is one way of breathing that is shameful and restricted.
Then there is another one; one of Love, that takes you all the way to infinity.
- Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi -

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