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Amatisse - Helenaveen - Netherlands


Systemic Work, Breathwork & Yoga Retreat



Hurnse Kerkje
Hurwenen & de Uiterwaarden van de Waal



Vrijdag 12 april 2024

van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur



Yoga, Stiltewandeling in de natuur, Meditatie , Bewust Verbonden Ademwerk



This four day retreat in the beautiful Peel region, on the border between

Limburg and Brabant, in The Netherlands,
is an invitation to surrender to a quiet practice of meditation, sharing,
yoga, systemic work and inspirational breathwork.
We aim to come together with a relatively small group of like minded people.
Some of us are certifiedbreathwork facilitators, others are regular breathers
and yet others may be totally new to the practice of consciously connected

breath work. No matter what your level ofexperience is, y

ou are very welcome to join
and bring your own unique self to this journey.

Where will it take place?

Our home for this weekend will be the former convent, called Amatisse,

situated in the south of The Netherlands.
The facilities include a very cozy kitchen, a light and spacious session hall
and comfortable bed rooms. Shower and toilet facilities are shared. 
Coffee and tea making facilities and a big fridge
are available in the kitchen, so you are welcome to bring your own preferred
snacks and drinks.

What will we do?

Our program has been carefully put together in order to offer all participants a safe and optimum space

to relax, wind down and turn inward. The activities we planned aim to provide a balance between spending time alone and connecting with others. The beautiful and quiet natural surroundings will help us to ground and will provide the bedding from which we can safely set off on an inner journey.

Yoga Sessions
The yoga sessions will be done under the guidance of Nathalie Gerardts.
Nathalie is a passionate yoga teacher, coach and trainer, with more than
20 years experience, both at home and abroad.
Her lessons are a perfect balance between gentle power, and powerful
gentleness and accessible for every one.
Nathalie’s yin classes are meditative in nature, and inspire empowerment
based on non-action, just observing what is.

Inspirational Breathwork Sessions
Inspirational Breathwork is a form of ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork.
What this means is that we use our breath in a certain way in order to reach
a level of awareness where we can open ourselves up to healing on a physical,
mental and spiritual level. Sessions typically last about an hour and are done
lying down, with the help and guidance of trained facilitators.

Detailed preliminary program

Day One - Thursday March 14

17.00 hrs - Welcome & Introduction.
17.30 hrs - Dinner
19.00 hrs - Facilitated Group Breathing Session.
21.30 hrs - End for today.


Day Two - Friday October 28, 2022
07.45.00 hrs - Coffee & Tea available
08.00 hrs - Yoga with Nathalie
09.15 hrs - Breakfast
10.30 hrs - Guided meditation
11.00 hrs - Facilitated Group Breathing Session.
12.30 hrs - Lunch
14.30 hrs - Free time till dinner.
17.00 hrs - Dinner
18.30 hrs - Group Activity
21.30 hrs - End for today.

Day Three - Saturday October 29, 2022
07.45 hrs - Coffee & Tea available
08.00 hrs - Silent Morning Walk
09.00 hrs - Breakfast
10.00 hrs - Guided meditation, followed by 100 breaths of joy.
12.00 hrs - Lunch

13.30 hrs - Systemic Work
15.00 hrs - Walk in nature
17.00 hrs - Dinner
18.30 hrs - Yin Yoga with Nathalie
20.00 hrs - End for today.


Day Four - Sunday October 30, 2022
07.45.00 hrs - Coffee & Tea available
08.00 hrs - Yoga with Nathalie
09.15 hrs - Breakfast
10.30 hrs - Circle Time & Sharing.
11.00 hrs - Facilitated Group Breathing Session
12.30 hrs - Closing
13.00 hrs - Light Lunch
14.00 hrs - Departure.


Who are the facilitators?
The program will be carried by Nathalie Gerardts and Annemieke Borrias.
Please click here for more information about us.

Accommodation and Food & Beverage

We will be a relatively small group with a maximum of 12 participants plus 3 staff/facilitators.
The venue will be exclusively for us, there will be no other guests at that time,


Because of the limited number of single rooms available,
accommodation will be in double rooms.
If you prefer a room to yourself, you may request th
is and if the availability allows,
we will try to accommodate your request. A single supplement will apply.

How much does it cost?
The price of the program, starting on Thursday after lunch, until Sunday after lunch:
5 Euro per person.

This price include:
* hotel accommodation, based on shared accommodation in double rooms
* meals as per the detailed program
* Yoga, systemic work and facilitated breathing sessions with certified  breathwork facilitators

Payment Conditions
* Upon reservation, a deposit of 200 Euro is required to secure your booking
* By February  1, the remainder of your registration fee is due.


Cancellation Conditions
* For cancellations done on or before December 31, your payments will be refunded
  minus 50 Euro administration fee.
* For cancellations after December 1, but before Februay 1, the cancellation fee is
  50% of the registration fee.
* For cancellations done on after February 1, the cancellation fee is 100% of
  the registration fee. No money will be returned.

Travel Insurance
You are kindly advised to book your own travel & cancellation insurance.

How do I register for this event?
In order to register for this event, please send an email to Annemieke, at ademverlicht@gmail.com.

Upon your registration, you will be contacted by the organizers and asked to fill out a registration & health form. Acceptance of your registration is at the discretion of the organizers.

Once accepted you will be asked to pay the deposit to secure your place in the program.

For more information & registrations, please contact us here.

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